Wietske Koelma, Iris Adriaansz and Charles Forceville made a short educational animation film called “LIFE IS A JOURNEY: an animated metaphor,” which can be found at:

Marjan de Vries founded the Instituut voor Beeldtaal in 2013 in Amsterdam. For more information (in Dutch), see

An English-language site is under construction;

The Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM) homepage:

International “Dynamic Multimodal Communication” (DMC) research consortium:

Forceville’s “Course on Pictorial and Multimodal Metaphor”

University of Lancaster’s Literacy Research Discussion Group, with much attention being paid to multimodality: Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image homepage: Forceville over picturale en multimodale metafoor in film en reclame (clip, 4’45”, 2008, in Dutch) Forceville’s lecture on blending theory & creativity in advertising and comics’ text balloons part 1:; part 2:; part 3:; part 4: Homepage of Neil Cohn, comics theorist, with various downloadable essays and information about his 2013 book on comics: Cogsci Colloquium (Blending Theory), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, USA. International Graduate School on Dy­nam­ic Mul­timod­al Communication In an article entitled “The Humanities Unraveled” (February 18, 2013):

Michael Bérubé presents a disquieting, but in my view largely correct assessment of the “crisis in the humanities.” One of his main points is that the academic system is far too exclusively aimed at producing PhD students — while in fact the vast majority of alumni will not pursue such a career, and the few that do have a very hard time finding employment.

As a follow-up on this: humanities students (and others) should try harder to see how they can implement their knowledge and insights in what has come to be called the “creatie industries.” See the following link for the CIRCA initiative, that “embedded” six young, MA-level researchers in six creative industries in


Last updated: 4 June 2014


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