Take Home task: Create & analyse your own metaphor

The assessment procedure of Forceville’s metaphor course includes one or more “Take Home Exams.” The very last task for each student is invariably to make a pictorial or multimodal metaphor him/herself. In this forum, some particularly successful samples are uploaded. The precise instructions for the task (version 2012-2013) are as follows: “Create a pictorial or multimodal metaphor in the way defined by Forceville, using whatever technique you wish (drawing, painting, filming,  collaging, recording, sculpturing) and include it with your take-home exam. Quality of execution is secondary to quality of conception.

(a) Explain how you intend the metaphor to be interpreted.

(b) Is it a monomodal or a multimodal metaphor? (see Forceville 2006; cf. also Forceville 2007, Bounegru & Forceville 2011).

(c) Reflect on the consequences of the mode chosen for both the target and the source, as well as on the materiality/medium chosen to convey them. That is, speculate on what difference, if any, it would have made if target and source had been conveyed in a different mode and in a different medium.

(d) Show your metaphor to a few friends and record their responses. Do they match your intended interpretation?

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