Natalia Sanchez Querubin (RMA Media Studies)

Natalia Sánchez Querubín. (MRA Media Studies, UvA)

Natalia comes from a background in Literature and Art. In 2011 she obtained her masters degree in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. As a media researcher Natalia is especially interested in the intersections between emotions, corporeality and technology. Her graduate thesis explored visual and technological strategies used to communicate physical suffering in spaces such as video games, advertisement and body performance, and the potential for pain to create unique relational structures between individuals. For Natalia, working as a researcher is about finding connections and narratives. Her thesis research implied a lot of video game playing. Most importantly she believes emotions are at the basis of contemporary media and that as powerful tools they should be addressed critically and creatively.
 Furthermore, Natalia is a dinosaur enthusiast and has developed, as a personal project, a web space for dinosaurs to express their distress over their extinct condition, among other important issues.

2 Responses to Natalia Sanchez Querubin (RMA Media Studies)

  1. Dear Natalia,
    Dr. Rogers was very kind to send me a copy of the book of which you are co-author, _Issue Mapping for an Ageing Europe_, I am finding the book very interesting.
    The research group of the University of Lleida, Grup Dedal-Lit, has been working on ageing through literature for some time. At the moment the group finished a project on ageing, gendre and creativity . The group is also a partner of an European project on active and healty ageing, SIforAGE , The final conference will take place in Barcelona on the 19th, 20th and 21st October 2016. If you are interested in receiving information, and you send me your email addres, I would be please to send it to you.
    Congratulations for the publication. All the very best,
    Maria Vidal-Grau
    Lleida, 28th January 2016

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