Applying Theories of Irony to Short Animation by Esmeralda Bon

Applying Theories of Irony to Short Animation

Esmeralda Bon (

The proposed paper will present an investigation into the presentation of irony in short animations without verbal narration. By applying and, when necessary, extending Sperber and Wilson’s echoic mention  theory, pretense theory and Barthes’ view of the anchoring and relaying functions of the linguistic message, the manifestations of irony in a number of case studies will be analyzed. It will be demonstrated that irony can be cued multi-modally through the combination of the title, as the written language mode, and the content of the short animation as the audiovisual mode. By taking this approach, on the one hand, insight will be gained into the multi-modal cuing of irony in a relatively novel genre and, on the other hand, a contribution and possible improvement can be made to the existing theories of irony. However, further research focusing on the possibility to adapt and extend the existing irony theories will be necessary.



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