The Oval Sphere vs. the Flat Canvas by Yong Liu

29th November AIM Seminar Abstract:

The Oval Sphere vs. the Flat Canvas

By Yong Liu (刘咏

Oscar-winning filmmaker Ang Lee remarks on stereoscopic 3D cinema,“…For over a hundred years, our eyes compensate the lack of volume in 2D, so we actually see 3D (images) in 2D media…I think when we pick up something actually has volume, the whole rules of game should be gradually changed. I think we’re in the transitional time and we’re making an adjustment to the new illusion of cinema.” (Live-interview during the 3D Creative Summit in London, UK, 27th March, 2013)

Based on the interpretative discussion of Ang Lee’s above remark, I will compare a pair of pictorial metaphors for 3D and 2D media, respectively: a transparent oval sphere with imbalanced volumetric duality vs. a flat painting canvas. Furthermore, I will elicit the aesthetic values for digital 3D cinema by exemplarily revealing how distinctive the function of close-up is when being used in 3D cinema from applied in 2D. Scenes exemplifying from recent 3D works, Life of Pi (2012) and Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013), will be closely discussed for above argument.

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