Discursive and visual analysis of ethos. Dr. Assimakis Tseronis.

Abstract for AIM meeting 24 February 2012

Author: Dr. Assimakis Tseronis

Title: “Discursive and visual analysis of ethos”

Abstract: In classical rhetoric, ethos constitutes one of the three technical means of persuasion, according to which the orator seeks to create a certain image of himself in order to appear credible to his audience. In contemporary argumentation studies, the concept of ethos is used in order to explain certain choices made by language users as to their effectiveness in enhancing the persuasiveness of the message produced. When it comes to the discursive analysis of ethos, verbal and textual elements such as the following are studied: choice of vocabulary, information structure, and style, among others. In this presentation, I am interested in searching for parallel visual elements that may exist at the disposal of image makers when constructing their ethos visually. I will specifically look at some examples taken from printed advertisements. This endeavour is a preliminary step to a larger research project that I am about to start, in which argumentation studies meet visual and multimodal analysis.

Assimakis Tseronis holds a PhD from the University of Leyden. In March 2012 he will embark on the post-doc project “Multimodal Rhetoric and cognition.” He will do research and teach both in the Media Studies and Rhetoric departments of University of Amsterdam.

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