Relevant Blends and Pleasure in Narrative Cinema.

 Relevant Blends and Pleasure in Narrative Cinema: An account of pleasure in the processing of cognitive blends within a relevance-  theoretic framework .

“I propose that relevance theory and blending theory are intrinsically linked.  I posit that a higher cognitive  effect (pleasure) depends upon the relevance of the input presented in a film. To  illustrate this, I will provide a systematic, multimodal analysis of three scenes in Scott  Pilgrim vs. The World (2010).  This film was selected as an object of study due its  particular reliance on pop cultural and multimedia implicatures that require the  perceiver to draw on their specific cognitive environment in order to make sense of  the implicit inferences inherent in the conceptual blends”.

Alaina Piro Schempp
Research Master Media Studies
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Tutorial: Discourse in Multimodality
Professor Charles Forceville
Download complete essay:
APSchempp Multimodality revised 10-2011
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