Forceville, Charles (2012). “Creativity in pictorial and multimodal advertising metaphors.”

“Creativity in pictorial and multimodal advertising metaphors.” In: Rodney Jones (ed.), Discourse and Creativity (113-132). London: Longman.

Abstract: Finding their inspiration in Koestler’s work, Fauconnier and Turner have developed a theory, Blending Theory, which among other things can model ‘emergent structure’ (2002: 383), and hence potentially ‘creativity’. Although Blending Theory suffers from certain shortcomings (Forceville, 2004, Câmara Pereira, 2007: 53), I agree with Câmara Pereira that it can help formalize creative processes. In the following sections I will first briefly explain Blending Theory, and then specify, in terms defined by Veale et al. (in prep.), how the Blending Theory model needs to be enhanced in order to be truly capable of handling creativity. Finally, some supposedly creative metaphors in advertisements and commercials will be discussed in terms of this enhanced Blending Theory model.

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