Forceville, Charles (2009). “Relevanz und Prägnanz: Kunst als Kommunikation.”

“Relevanz und Prägnanz: Kunst als Kommunikation.” Translated by Martina Plümacher. Zeitschrift für Semiotik 31(1-2): 31-63.

English abstract: The elusive German concept  “prägnanz,” used as a form of praise for artistic representations, pertains to the aesthetic and emotional impact on its appreciators, but also to the concise way in which this impact is achieved. Impact and conciseness correspond, it is assumed, to what in Sperber and Wilson’s communication theory, Relevance theory (1986, 1995), are called “effect” and “effort.” The proposal to consider art as a special form of communication is explored by using concepts from the Relevance Theory framework. The article ends by demonstrating the viability of the framework by applying it to Blindenspiegel (1998), a work by the Dutch artist Erna van Sambeek.

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