Charles Forceville (2005). “Cognitive linguistics and multimodal metaphor.”

“Cognitive linguistics and multimodal metaphor.” In: Klaus Sachs-Hombach (ed.), Bildwissenschaft: Zwischen Reflektion und Anwendung.  Cologne: Von Halem, 264-284.

Abstract:  Although the cognitive approach to metaphor emphasizes that metaphor is primarily a conceptual, and only derivatively a linguistic matter, it focuses almost exclusively on verbal manifestations of conceptual metaphor. Studying pictorial and other non-verbal metaphors, however, is indispensable not only as a means to chart Idealized Cognitive Models (e.g., Lakoff 1987, Kövecses 2000), but also to stimulate the integration of cognitive and cultural dimensions of metaphor (e.g., Emanatian 1995, Hutchins 1995, Shore 1996, Gibbs 1999a). This article is an attempt to outline the parameters that need to be identified and analysed for the label “multimedial metaphor” to make sense.

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