Charles Forceville (2002). “Further thoughts on delimiting pictorial metaphor.”

“Further thoughts on delimiting pictorial metaphor.”Theoria et Historia Scientiarum 6:1,  213-27. (Nicolaus Copernicus UP, Toruń, Poland).

Abstract: The concept of pictorial metaphor is in need of further theorizing. After a summary of the model of pictorial metaphor developed in Forceville (1996), some adaptations to this model are proposed to accommodate future manifestations of non-verbal, and multimedial, metaphor. Apart from introducing some modifications to the earlier terminology, the article addresses the matters of (i) the irreversibility of target and source in pictorial metaphors, (ii) the possibility of pictorial metaphor in moving images; and (iii) thorny questions pertaining to the need to verbalize pictorial and multimedial metaphors. Keywords: Pictorial/visual metaphor; multimedial metaphor; verbalizing non-verbal metaphor; metaphor in moving images.

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