Graphic design in “idents” of channel and public broadcasting organisations on Dutch TV.

by: Liselotte Doeswijk, PhD at University of Amsterdam

Motion graphic design for television is not an area of design that is easily defined: it can include anything from branding and continuity devices on TV channels to illustration for children’s programmes and infographics in the news. The history of the profession has been influenced by the organsation of the Dutch public broadcasting system as well as by technological and stilistic developments. I will present a quick overview of the topic and propose possible approaches.

Questions that will be addressed and discussed:

– Is it possible or helpful to distinguish ‘television design’ from ‘motion graphic design’ and/or ‘graphic design’?

– What are the differences between the ‘house style’ of a channel/ broadcasting organisation and any other corporation or institution?

– Given that branding has so much to do with identity, especially the branding of the member-based broadcasting organisations, is it sufficient to limit research to “textual analysis” of the multimodal idents, or is audience research almost obligatory?

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